Born in Amsterdam in 1989

Abstraction, geometric abstraction, theatrics, pop and a touch of surrealism are the common threads throughout the objects I create.
Playing with, and to some extent redefine, our perception by visually emulating and/or deconstructing – `objectivating ́ – topics from the past and present.


2008-2011 Restauration- and decoration painters degree, NIMETO Utrecht, Netherlands
2012-2014 First year degree (Propedeuse) of fine arts. Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam, Netherlands 
2014-2018 Bachelor of Arts in fine arts/sculpture. Royal academy of fine arts Antwerp, Belgium
2018-2019 Master of Arts in fine arts. Royal academy of fine arts Antwerp, Belgium


12/2019 – 02/2020-03/2020 Start Point Art Prize nominee 2019, exhibition participant in Prague and Amsterdam